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Name:Mr. Hendrik [Marketing]
Phone Number:62-21-6259727
Fax Number:62-21-6595277
Address:P Jayakarta 135 No. B 11
Jakarta 10730, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jun. 01, 2006
Last Updated:Sep. 07, 2010
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Electronics & Electrical category

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Company Brief

Our Company stand at the years of 1999, with business line: Industrial Automation, Industrial PC, Remote Module, Controller, Computer and Alternative Energy. Our Company has been reliable in industry player, government, research institute, university, transportation, telecomunication, and military.
Our Company core value are Giving solution, fast feedback, responsibility, and faithfull to serve.
If you want to find the cheaper goods, we couldn' t help you. Because we only sell strong goods and proven quality in used. We very care safety workers and environment. Our advice to User, better not to thrifty small money, later you have to out big money and deal with government.

Major Products / Services
  • PLC, Servo, Inverter, Mitsubishi
    Kami sudah menjual PLC, Servo, Inverter, Touchscreen, software, cable and accesories merek Mitsubishi dari tahun 1999. Harga kami dikenal kompetitif di kalangan supplier maupun di kalangan Industri.
    Kami memiliki ready stock, sehingga memudahkan para pembeli yang benar-benar urgent.
  • Building Automation System (BAS)
  • SCADA System Solution
    Kami mempunyai SCADA Remote I/ O RS485, RS485 converter, RS485 Hub dan team Engineering yg khusus dalam mendesign software HMI SCADA utk aplikasi pabrik, hydrologi, dan remote monitoring
  • Industrial PC
    Kami memiliki segala macam model dan fungsi Industrial Computer (IPC) terlengkap di Indonesia dengan kualitas yang terbaik. Mulai dari Embedded Motherboard, Embedded Controller, Embedded PC dgn GSM GPS WIFI, Small PC, Small Motherboard, Mini PCI, PC 104, I/ O Card, Full size half size board, Industrial Backplane, Mini ATX, Firewall Platform.
  • Remote I/ O
    Remote I/ O Module, RS485 Converter, RS485 Hub

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